Three Things That Will Make Your Marriage Better This Week!


No matter what stage in marriage you find yourself in, there’s always room for improvement. Even when everything is going great it can be easy to slip into bad habits that over time can do less to deepen intimacy and more to discourage it. These three tips aren’t the cure all for every problem you’ll face in marriage, and they certainly aren’t anything new, but anything that eliminates distractions is a good place to start. So here we go, three things to shoot for this week!


Kill the TV

Don’t just click it off for an hour. Go a whole day or week without it. Better yet, get rid of cable altogether. Time in front of the tv even if it’s with your spouse is garbage time. It doesn’t count. Cutting the cord sounds a lot harder than it is. It really doesn’t take long to forget about the shows that used to seem so important when you’re filling your days with things that actually are.



Date night

Since you’re not watching tv anyway, you might as well make the most of your new found hours and stretch your legs. If it’s your first date in awhile, steer clear of the movie theater. Besides the fact that it doesn’t do a thing to help curb your tv cravings, you can’t talk and reconnect. And that would defeat the purpose. Go for a walk, get coffee or try something you’ve never done before (like when you were dating, remember those days?)



Talk (as in have an actual conversation)

Speaking of talking, even if you have an excuse for the first two (which you shouldn’t, but we’re not here to judge) if you can’t communicate you will not have intimacy. Simple as that. Good communication isn’t, “how was your day?” or “hand me the remote” it’s learning about each other and laughing together, planning and dreaming. Set aside some time, even if it’s only 15 minutes today, to talk. Don’t bring up the kids, work, the bills or current events. Talk about the future, recall good memories you’ve made together, plan a date or weekend getaway. Of all three, this one will make or break a marriage.

And there it is, three easy steps to a better marriage this week. While they aren’t a guarantee that every issue in your marriage will be a thing if the past, they are a great starting point. The most important thing about these three tips is that they all take you to the same place, each other. Totally focused on the one person out of the over 7 billion people in the world that you chose & who chose you back. Those sure are some crazy odds, it would be a shame to waste a minute of your brief time together. Make your marriage great this week!




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