When “Taking A Break” Is Good For Your Marriage



In July of 2014 we launched our In Touch Marriage blog. We wrote a few posts in June just to get our feet wet and get some feedback from friends but July 1st is when we made it
official. All in all we’d say we’ve had a great rookie year. We’ve been able to minister to people from all over (we like to joke about being an “international ministry”) thanks to social media and other blog sharing apps. And we are very much looking forward to what the future holds for this ministry.

We really wanted to do something big to celebrate our little anniversary, but if anything in life is predictable – it’s the unpredictable. The month of June has been one of the craziest months we’ve had in a long time. We have been so unbelievably blessed in fact that we haven’t had the time it takes to sit down and write. This month looks to be even more hectic, and while we aren’t complaining we are going to take the month of July off. We may sneak in a short blog post or as we like to call them “quickies” if inspiration hits. But our intent is to take a short break.

Which brings us to our title. Sometimes life really does crank up the schedule. This can be especially true for couples who are involved in ministry (or ministries) together. Being busy is nearly unavoidable, but when there are too many things on our plate oftentimes it’s the marriage that suffers. To avoid this we like to take “breaks” from time to time. Maybe a weekend away, or at least at home but away from church if ministry obligations have been heavier than normal for a long period of time. It’s ok, even for ministry minded couples to miss a service a couple of times a year. The key is to take time to get your priorities back into the proper order.

There are times though when a weekend away or even a quiet weekend at home aren’t possible. This is when couples need to prioritize. You can’t do it all and still have time for each other. Eventually pressure can build up and stress levels are out of control, causing one or both partners to take the brunt. A marriage should be a safe, comforting place where we can unload our stress by meeting each other’s needs – in and outside of the bedroom. We wouldn’t be much of a marriage blog if our marriage was in the tank now would we?

As you go through your summer, make sure to take time to smell the roses WITH your spouse. Time spent together is always time well spent, some things can wait but putting your marriage first can’t.

We’d like to thank everyone for reading our blog. We appreciate your prayers, support and sense of humor and will be back in full force soon. See you in August! ~ Jenn & Jake


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